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Provides the recent post by the RAN of the Ship History for HMAS Lolita

Provides the recent post by the RAN of the Ship History for HMAS Esmeralda

Provides access to the quarterly Navy Lists

Information regarding the Boom Net across Sydney Harbour

An in-depth paper regarding Indicator Loops used by the RAN RN, RNZN, RCN and USN

A Youtube video from the University of New South Wales, Canberra being;
S1E1 - Midget Submarines - The Attack On Sydney Harbour
Analysis by expert panel of the 1942 Japanese Midget Submarine Attack on Sydney Harbour. Convenor Professor Tom Frame with panel Vice Admiral Peter Jones, Rear Admiral Peter Briggs and Dr David Stevens


The following documents are referred to in Lolita and the Hollywood Fleet and News


Report of the Review of a decision by the Department of Defence regarding Recognition for Commissioned Warrant Officer Herbert Spencer Anderson (Deceased) PDF


Submission to the Royal Australian Navy - 2020 Campaign and Battle Honours Review PDF


Appendix 1 - Lolita and the Hollywood Fleet Link


Appendix 2 - Review of RAN Campaign and Battle Honours, Naval History Section, 2007 (Released by FOI 124/19/20) PDF


Appendix 3 - Email to Department of Defence re FOI and an extract from the further email received regarding the released FOI 124/19/20 PDF