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Despite my searches, I am sure there is further information to be discovered and added to the story.


For six of the vessels; HMAS Kiara, Leilani, Miramar, Toomeree, Winbah and Yarroma, their histories simply peter out.  What happened to these vessels?  Have any survived?  Perhaps someone knows something of them!  It would be terrific to complete their stories.


Whilst the Navy Lists provide the names for the commanders of each vessel throughout their navy service, there is no such list to identify the sailors who served on each of the Hollywood vessels throughout the war.  


However, it may one day be possible to prepare crew lists.  


Each sailor was required to be paid a salary, and those payments were made through the shore station to which each vessel was always assigned.  The payments were always recorded in the shore station’s ‘Ships Ledgers’, together with the names of each sailor and their vessel.  It is conceivable that by trawling through the Ledgers, accurate crew lists could be compiled.  But, there are hundreds of these voluminous accounting ledgers, many of which have yet to be released by the National Archives for public access.


Whilst I contemplate the enormity of that task, I will continue my search for the missing Reports of Proceedings, War Diaries and Logs for each vessel, and will continue to collect additional stories and information regarding the vessels.


Your assistance would be welcomed.


If you have any information regarding these vessels (or any other Channel Patrol Boats or similar vessels), you can contact me by email: